The leader in adaptive PCR diagnostics.

As your insurance policy against the unknown, our revolutionary detection and genotyping technology – PANDAA – uniquely compensates for evolving pathogen diversity, ensuring that PCR diagnostic integrity isn’t affected by genomic variation now, or in the future.

What we do

As a public benefit corporation, our goal is to advance infectious disease diagnostics that facilitate society's collective response to global health emergencies.

An innovative platform for target detection in highly variable genomic regions

Aldatu Biosciences has established the Pan Degenerate Amplification and Adaptation (PANDAA™) platform to enable target detection in highly variable genomic regions with RT-PCR. Our proprietary PANDAA technology allows the development of fast, reliable, and cost-effective diagnostic tests for infectious diseases.

Our pipeline includes products for the detection of SARS-CoV-2, Lassa virus, and drug-resistant HIV variants. The high-throughput, low-cost PANDAA platform improves patient healthcare access and outcomes. 

Aldatu Biosciences Expands PANDAA Platform Beyond HIV with SBIR for the First Pan-Lineage Lassa Fever Test

Aldatu Biosciences, a biotechnology company developing molecular diagnostic assays and products based on gold standard real-time PCR, today announced it has been awarded a $300K Phase I SBIR grant from the NIAID at the NIH to fund the continued advancement of the company’s proprietary PANDAA™ technology platform and its specific application to the universal, pan-lineage detection of Lassa virus, the causative agent of Lassa fever.

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