Stop-Start RT

Hot start MMLV reverse transcriptase


Stop-Start reverse transcriptase is an MMLV RT coupled with an reversibly-bound aptamer that inhibits RT activity at room temperature by blocking the nucleic acid binding site of the enzyme, which significantly reduces the formation of non-specific PCR products.


  • Compatible with 1-step RT-PCR and 1-step RT-qPCR

For research use only (RUO). Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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50 reactions, 250 reactions


$49, $249




Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus (M-MuLV, MMLV) Reverse Transcriptase is an RNA-directed DNA polymerase. This enzyme can synthesize a complementary DNA strand initiating from a primer using either RNA (cDNA synthesis) or single-stranded DNA as a template. (1-4). M-MuLV Reverse Transcriptase lacks 3´ → 5´ exonuclease activity.


As shown here, the aptamer has a dose-dependent effect on MMLV RT activity, with non-specific products – and potential false positives amplicons – being eliminated in a one-step RT-PCR.

Kit Contents

50 Reactions

Contents Volume (µL)
Stop-Start RT 50 µL
5x Reaction Buffer 200 µL
25mM MgCl2 1,000 µL

250 Reactions

Contents Volume (µL)
Stop-Start RT 250 µL
5x Reaction Buffer 1,000 µL
25mM MgCl2 1,000 µL


User guides and protocols

General cDNA Synthesis Protocol

Reaction Component Volume (µL)
5x Reaction Buffer 4 µL
Stop-Start RT [5U / µL] 1 µL
MgCl2 [1.5–5.0mM] variable µL
cDNA synthesis primer variable µL
RNase Inhibitor [10-20U – optional] variable µL
Nuclease-free H2O to final volume of 20 µL
Final Volume 20 µL