An innovative pandemic preparedness and biosecurity platform for target detection in highly variable genomic regions.

PANDAA™ is a revolutionary detection and genotyping platform that enables real-time PCR-based testing for targets in highly variable genomic regions. PANDAA™ reagents are innovatively designed to mitigate target proximal genomic variability by normalizing probe-binding regions. Degenerate primers with fixed-sequence adaptor regions that overlap with the probe-binding site are used. During the initial qPCR cycles, the target genome is adapted through site-directed mutagenesis to replace any secondary polymorphisms flanking the primary target sequence or SNP. Thus, an amplicon population with a homogenous probe-binding site is generated, allowing for target detection with consensus probes.

Read the methods publication here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s42003-021-01751-9

MacLeod, I.J., Rowley, C.F. & Essex, M. PANDAA intentionally violates conventional qPCR design to enable durable, mismatch-agnostic detection of highly polymorphic pathogens.
Commun Biol 4, 227 (2021).

Developing fast, specific, and reliable diagnostic tests for pandemic preparedness and biosecurity.

PANDAA’s simple and efficient workflow allows the development of reliable and fast tests for infectious disease diagnostics. Results can be obtained from RNA within 1 hour, and the scalable workflow allows analyzing 94 samples per single run. Notably, our platform is compatible with the nucleic acid extraction methods and RT-qPCR instruments available in most CLIA certified laboratories. The cost-effectiveness of our platform improves the access to healthcare and patient outcomes. Our pipeline includes a number diagnostic tests for pathogen detection and genotyping in different stages of development.