$250K Verizon Prize is a “Game-Changer” for Aldatu

Boston, MA, 3rd February 2015

A $250,000 prize to Aldatu Biosciences announced today from the Verizon Powerful Answers Awards stands to fundamentally change the way HIV treatment is delivered across the world by advancing the development of Aldatu’s affordable HIV drug resistance diagnostic, PANDAA™ HIV6.

Iain MacLeod, Aldatu co-founder and CSO, said “This is a game-changer. Resistance to HIV medications is such a huge global problem – and it’s only getting worse. This award will help Aldatu make real progress in addressing it.”

Aldatu’s powerful answer is the application of its proprietary PANDAA™ technology to a powerful personalized medicine tool that matches HIV-infected patients with effective drug regimens, and is specifically designed to overcome the clinical and economic challenges faced by resource-limited countries. PANDAA™ HIV6 is a simple, sample-in answer-out solution to HIV drug resistance testing that stands to radically improve the efficacy of HIV treatment programs in parts of the world with limited healthcare funds.

“This amount of funding will have a tangible impact on Aldatu’s ability to turn PANDAA™ HIV6 into a reality” said David Raiser, co-founder and CEO of Aldatu. “We are incredibly grateful to Verizon for sponsoring this program, which stands to facilitate real change in healthcare around the world.”

Raiser added, “The real winners here are the HIV-infected patients who may now get access to the care they’ve always deserved.

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