HIV Drug Resistance

PANDAA HIV ReFocus I ™ is a semi-quantitative real-time PCR assay for the focused genotyping of six common DRMs in the reverse transcriptase gene of HIV-1 that affect susceptibility to the NNRTI and/or NRTI ARV drug classes: 65R, 103NS, 106M, 181C, 184V/I and 190A.

Each kit can genotype 24 samples (plus controls) and is comprised of three triplex PANDAA real-time PCR reactions, each containing reagents to amplify and detect two DRMs and total HIV nucleic acid, as measured with an internal Viral Quantifier (VQ). Each target is amplified by a different set of primers and a unique set of probes labelled with a distinct fluorescent dye to identify each of the three targets.

  • Rapid and ultrasensitive detection of drug-resistant HIV variants
  •  Facilitates improved access to drug resistance testing in resource-limited countries



User guides and protocols