HIV Drug Resistance

PANDAA HIV ReFocus Select ™ allows twenty distinctive focused genotyping PANDAA assays to be used in any configuration. Individual multiplexes allow the differentiation of multiple DRMs at a single codon e.g., 82A, 82F and 82T or all three DRMs can be genotyped together using the 82AFT + 84V PANDAA. All contain the internal Viral Quantifier (VQ) to determine the relative abundance of each DRM.

Alternative and additional DRMs combinations are available upon request.

  • Rapid and ultrasensitive detection of drug-resistant HIV variants
  •  Facilitates improved access to drug resistance testing in resource-limited countries
HIV Target RegionPANDAA Multiplex Pairs
Reverse Transcriptase65R + 181C
103N + 181C
103NS + 190A
106M + 190A
106M + 184VI
184V + 65R
Protease47AV + 50L
88S + 65R*
76V + 65R*
76V + 184VI*
47A + 82A
82F + 184V*
Integrase148H + 65R*
148K + 65R*
148R + 65R*
155H + 184V*118R + 263K

* denotes a DRM in reverse transcriptase. 



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